About Figure Sense

Effie Gelagotis, CPA, B.Bus

This is my story..

After dropping out of Uni to earn money to then travel extensively in Europe in the (ahem..!) 90's I won my dream corporate job in telecommunications. Within a couple of years, I was back at Uni determined to finish my accounting degree and then went on to complete the CPA Program part time while working full time.

Over the next 14 or so years, I worked in many departments in various finance roles including reporting of the corporate financial results to the Managing Directors. I worked in corporate planning where we compiled the budgets for all the departments and ensured that their budget submissions were equal to the corporate targets set.  I reported on the Cashflow activities of the company. We developed financial dashboards to highlight the key performance measures  that were used in monthly board meetings to determine short and long term strategy of the company. As a commercial accountant, not only did I enjoy compiling the figures but also presenting the story that the numbers told.

As much as I loved my job at the time, I turned my back on it all  in 2008 when I started my family. While at home with my newborn, I thought long and hard about the next chapter of my working life. My father was enterpreneur and I always knew that one day I would too follow in his footsteps and set up my own business. 

While researching into how I could start my own accounting business, I thought about how awesome it would it be if regular small business owners had access to the type of management reporting that only corporates could afford. As a result, Figure Sense was born to assist the business owners understand their financial performance and as a result make informed decisions about their business direction.

Now, Figure Sense specialises in Xero accounting software and services extend to providing virtual CFO services, training, improving and streamlining business operations.

Figure Sense’s objective is to educate clients on understanding their business performance and help business owners take their business to the next level.

Effie is a qualified accountant and a member of CPA Australia, Xero Certified Advisor Certified MYOB Certified Consultant and BAS agent.